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It is essential for the success of the rehabilitation procedure and drills are a crucial factor.
If they are poor in cutting they generate friction and the increased temperature will irreversibly damage the treated tissues.


They have an exceptional cutting quality. Through years of experience, we have designed the most effective geometry to achieve a progressive and effortless milling.

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the material

We selected a special steel that allows to maintain the cutting edge much longer in time.

the treatment

The heat process we apply allows to obtain a high superficial hardness without making the drill too fragile.

the certainty

Thanks to the stop integrated in the drill shape, you will be sure to make a hole not deeper than planned.

being sustainable

The idea of "disposable" often proves to be a model to be abandoned. We guarantee you periodic checks and a resharpening service, ​to always have drills at their maximum efficiency.

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triangular drill

It is the drill you use to create a seat on the cortical bone.

pilot drills

These are the drills you use to make the first hole in the alveolar ridge, according to the desired angle.

final drills

These are the drills you use to make the final hole
according to the diameter and the length of the chosen implant.


In a subcrestal implant placement, it could be necessary milling the bone surface surrounding the implant to obtain a path of insertion for the abutment.


These are the drills you use when it is necessary enlarge the hole, due to a  particularly hard bone, ​maintaining the depth reached with the final drills.



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